RichTextArea ENTER Key not working when DataGrid is open in any tab


Hitting ENTER key within RichTextArea does not work in some case.

With sample project attached, open Orders browser then edit/create one then try to insert new line by pressing ENTER key in RichTextArea, this will not work. In this screen there is a DataGrid

**image **

Now close Orders browser (important) then open Image Entities browser (single tab) and retry with the RichTextArea in there, this will work. There is no DataGrid in this form.


Now open Orders and edit one as a 2nd Tab, ENTER key will not work anymore in RichTextArea. However it works in TextArea just above

I think this is another consequence of this issue. Meaning that situation is a bit worse : the 1st DataGrid open anywhere in the app will eat ENTER keypress for some other components open elsewhere : DataGrid, RichTextArea (maybe more, did not test all of them). (119.3 KB)

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Thank you for reporting the problem, We’ll look into it while resolving this issue.

Thanks @gorelov

We stumble upon theses issues because in our application there is a “Dashboard” tab always open as first tab. And guess what, it contains several DataGrid, so any other application screen may suffer this kind of issue.

As a precaution, we will have to replace grids by tables in the dashboard waiting for the issue to be fixed.

Even if this issue seems to be gone in 7.0, that would be very nice if it is fixed for 6.10.

I’ve created a separate issue for this problem.