RichTextArea does not respect the length constraint of a String column

I have Product description attribute and set the max length to be 512:

@Column(name = "DESCRIPTION", length = 512)
protected String description;

in product-edit.xml:

<richTextArea id="prodDescription"

Then on product edit screen, I can type in text more than 512 characters without any limitation or warning.

The document says at:

“If a text field is linked to an entity attribute (via datasource and property), and if the entity attribute has a length parameter defined in the @Column JPA-annotation, then the TextField will limit the maximum length of entered text accordingly.”

Does the max length constraint (512 in my case) work, or I am missing something?

Thank you,


Unfortunately, RichTextArea produces HTML mark-up instead of plain text and this option does not make sense for users. If you want to use this limitation - use simple TextArea component.

Understood. Thank you Yuriy.