RichTextArea does not recognize Enter key


I migrated a 6.10 project to 7.2 and now the RichTextArea components doesn’t recognize the enter key. I can’t even apply a format to the text.

This does not happen if the screen is new (built right on the 7.2 version), the RichTextArea works as expected. Anyway, if I open the first screen (the old one with the broken component) and then the new one, the RichTextArea component is also broken.

Attached is a sample project (75.5 KB) that I started as 6.10 and then upgraded to 7.2. PersonEdit is the upgraded screen with the broken component, ThingEdit is the new one, working as expected.

Thanks for your support on this,


Are you using the latest platform build 7.2.4 ?
I know there was a problem in earlier version of 7.2

Yes, I’m on 7.2.4

Hello Alejandro,

Thanks for the bug reporting! We have created an issue, see cuba-platform/cuba#2874.

Hi Roman, thanks for taking it !