RichText area new line does not work

Hi Team,

I have tested multiple times RichText area component on add a new line (by click Enter) .

It works some sometimes and there many cases in which it does not.

Cuba Platform version is 6.7.4

Do you have any clue what might be the problem




Unfortunately, we cannot reproduce the problem.

Could you please share the steps to reproduce the problem? What web browser do you use?


Currently I cannot reproduce the issue.
It happens from time to time with no error in tomcat console.

The last time I found it was in Google Chrome browser.



This issue still appears from time to time.

However as it appears in random principle it I cannot give exact steps to follow

in order to reproduce the issue.

Is it possible to have a workaround in case this happen again as

our users will definitely report this when start using the application.