Rich text area behaving weird

Just noticed that the RTA is behaving really weird when trying to use any of the buttons or other markup.

The cuba demo has the same issue.

try selecting some text and putting it in bold or underline. Using the shortcuts (eg. ctrl+B) works fine. Its only when using the mouse.

I just rechecked. the demo is now working normal again. The one in my application is not.

Have you guys applied a fix? what version is this fixed in?

I updated to 7.2.10 and the behaviour is already better but not yet completely fixed.

Sometimes the component loses selection between 2 operations, forcing the user to reselect the same text.


  1. open the demo from
  2. select the text with the mouse
  3. choose a background color
  4. choose a front color

you would expect the text to be updated with both the back and front color, but it loses selection just before clicking on the front color. The behaviour seems similar for all markup (obviously did not test all possibilities)

Thank you for reporting the problem. We have created a GitHub issue