Retrieve clicked entity in linkInvoke method of column

a column in my table displays the count of related entities. Its displayed as link (link=“true”) and when I click on it a want to display a new window with (only) the related entities.
It seems the method specified in the linkInvoke attribute does not accept a parameter. How can I get the clicked link and the according entity?


HI Stefan,

you can simply define method for linkInvoke with two parameters with types Entity and String:

public class ClientBrowse extends AbstractLookup {
    public void openByNumber(Entity item, String columnId) {
        showNotification("Clicked by " + ((Client) item).getTitle(), NotificationType.HUMANIZED);

And use it as a value of linkInvoke attribute:

<table id="clientsTable"
        <column id="title"/>
        <column id="number" link="true" linkInvoke="openByNumber"/>
    <rows datasource="clientsDs"/>
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