Retrieval of data from multiple tables in single screen

Hi Team,

I am creating a small project using cuba platform and facing some difficulties, Please find the details below.

I have 3 Entities
1)Employee Details 2)Feedback Master 3) Employee-Feedback Mapping.
And for 2 mentioned Entities 1)Employee Details 2)Feedback Master the “Browser Screen” as well as “Create New master” screens are up.

But now I have one scenario like I need to load data from 1)Employee Details 2)Feedback Master Entities and open a screen which contains the master data of this 2 entities and along with that one boolean flag needs to be shown in Screen ,and while saving data it should get inserted in 3) Employee-Feedback Mapping.
(i.e FeedBack Master contains 5 rows with different Qualities, So whenever I load that screen 5 rows with different Qualities should be loaded correponding to one employee and along with that 5 boolean flag “isSatisfied” and 5 textfield must be loaded in front of corresponding 5 Feedback qualities)

Is it possible using cuba?

If yes please provide the steps for the solution.

Thanks in advance.

Please find the attachment of the screen details.

Here 1)Area and 2)Description is coming from Feedback Master

Along with that I want two more columns for “feedback” and “Reason”

And along with this I want the 1)Employee Details also, so that for one Employee this 3 feedback’s and its details will be saved in 3)Employee-Feedback Mapping