Results not showing in JPQL Console of Diagnose add on

The runtime diagnose add on is terrific. My favorite part is actually the JPQL console. I’ve been using the JMX Console to test my JPQL but this is more user friendly.

My only wish is that I could select specific attributes rather than the entire entity. In other words this query works fine:
select e from sample$Customer e
But this query does not:
select from sample$Customer e
The console says “Execution successful” but the Result field does not show content.

Is this the intended functionality?

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Hello, having same issue.

Did you find a work around?

Not within the add on. If I want to run a query that selects entity attributes, I use the JPQL Load List feature built into Cuba application.

Administration | JMX Console | app-core.cuba | java.lang.String.jpqlLoadList()