Restricting process role assignment based on security role

The BPM integration in Cuba is a wonderful feature. But I wish we had the ability to control what actors are assigned to process roles based on their security roles. For example, I should only be able to assign a Manager to the Approver process role in the Contract Approval process. It seems to me that the User drop down in the StandardProcForm cannot be overridden to show users based on the process role selected. Could you please confirm?

Working off the logic provided in a similar topic, I added a workaround: A label on the form that tells the user what users are appropriate for each process role and override the postValidate method to ensure the proper assignments have been made. I’m not sure if this is considered good practice but I thought I’d share.

Regardless of current capabilities, I think the BPM is great and I look forward to future enhancements in the road map.

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If you already have your own form, you can also create your own table with process actors. In this table you can use the generated column to create a lookup field for user selection. Inside the column generator you can set possible user values for each lookupField.

Thanks Max! This worked great.