RestAPIException: File not found, File not found


I am using cuba platform : 7.2.19

I have configured predefined user role for sys$FileDescriptor with full access:

I have successfully upload a file through rest api.

However when I download the file I get the following exception:
05:38:49.275 INFO c.h.a.r.a.c.RestControllerExceptionHandler- RestAPIException: File not found, File not found. Id: b5ecbf41-9ea9-89c3-cf2f-fd9c6352302c

When I check from the Generic UI, the file exists and able to download:

Is this related to this issue: Return "Not authorized" error if the user has no right to FileDescriptor entity · Issue #2731 · cuba-platform/cuba · GitHub?
or is this a new bug?
or is there a configuration that I am missing?

Thank you



I was able to find where the folder of the file exists:

Does anyone know why i keep getting

Is there any setting that I’m missing?

Thank you in advance

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is it possible that your user belongs to access group that forbids reading of that particular file?