RestAPI addon not published to the "DL" repository

I explored the DL repository ,not found the RestAPI addon.

It will be a barrier for chinese developers to try the addon.


As far as I know, Bintray does not support -SNAPSHOT versions. Most likely, there will be REST-API versions after 7.1 release of the platform.

Hi guys,
The REST API add-on v.7.1.0.BETA1 has just been published to and repositories.
You can use it with the projects based on the platform 7.1.0.BETA1: in the latest Studio, go to Add-ons > gear icon > Install by coordinates and enter the add-on coordinates: com.haulmont.addon.restapi:restapi-global:7.1.0.BETA1

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Hi Konstantin,


Will the follow-up “Beta” version be published to “DL” repository also?

Yes, we’ll do it for all upcoming versions.