Rest-services.xml does not recognize existing service name

I am trying to set an existing service in my project as a REST service, I’m following the CUBA REST API documentation on the issue. However, this service’s name is not recognized neither by rest-services.xml nor Postman when I try to make the request.

Here is a screenshot on how the file looks like:

Where am I getting it wrong? Why is not the name recognized? Is there another identification needed besides the name?

It should work as you wrote it.
Can you show how your service interface and class are declared?

Hello! I could solve it by changing the directory!
Now I am dealing with another problem which is: I am trying to run (at first with Postman) this REST service’s POST method and I cannot send the parameter (a String) on a JSON Object or as a plain String.

My current request looks like this, but I keep getting Status 405 - Method not Allowed.
What the “getProperty” method does is calling the Config method passed as String on another app in which the current app is working as an app component.
Thanks again!

I would say, if you get this http status - then you are not hitting the REST API endpoint. Probably the URL is wrong, or the REST add-on isn’t attached to the project.
Try to put breakpoint to the com.haulmont.addon.restapi.api.controllers.ServicesController#invokeServiceMethodPost library method, to see if the endpoint is reached.

Also, what is the value of the {baseUrl} ?

Thanks! I will try that.
The value of {baseUrl} is http://localhost:8080/app/rest/v2 so that should not be the problem I believe.