REST - Custom Authentication

Hello guys,
I am trying to implement a custom authentication using this Custom Authentication as a reference.
Following problems that i bumped into -

  1. The reference manual uses LoginService to generate user session but i am not sure whether the login service is a part of the platform or not because i am not able to import the package nor the service into the custom auth class.
  2. Pt.6 inside the same page suggests to exlude OAuthTokenIssuer bean and i am not sure which file needs updating in order to exclude i;e web.xml inside core module or web-spring.xml inside web module?

Currently i am getting following error err.log (9.7 KB) even after deleting the Custom Auth class and config files.

Platform version is : 7.1.1
Cuba studio version is : 2019.1

Update : Error is gone after deleting .class file(the one which was used for custom auth implementation that was later deleted ) manually.

LoginService is changed to AuthenticationService in version 7.1 , please refer to official release-note.

Hope this may help someone :slight_smile: