REST configuration and Portal


In order to use REST Services is mandatory to create a portal (http://localhost:8082/my-portal)?

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No, it is not. REST API is available from the web module. An example : CUBA REST API


So what is the main goal of the portal: to access the same application from the mobile phone?

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Take a look at this section in the documentation.

Yes, but apart to use REST API as add on CUBA REST API is possible to use REST API from the portal module Portal Components - CUBA Platform. Developer’s Manual.
Basically this is my question: what are the differences between these two approaches?

Portal module also uses the REST API addon. Portal doesn’t contain any alternative REST API implementation.

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It’s strange because I can use portal module REST API without any add-on.

public class RestController {

    @GetMapping (value = "/myaction", produces = "text/plain;charset=utf8")
    public String activateMyAction(@RequestParam(defaultValue = "") String myId,
                       @RequestParam(defaultValue = "") String email,
                       final HttpServletRequest argRequest
        return legacyRestWebService.doActivation(myId, emailAddress);