REST API v2: GET entitie(s) with non-existing view fails with HTTP 500


i found that when i use the REST API v2 and want to fetch a list of entities (or a single entity) using a view name that is not configured - then the result is: HTTP Response 500

  "error": "Server error",
  "details": ""

It would be great if it will use the local view, or if this is not a good idea, the REST response is HTTP 400 - BAD REQUEST, because it is a bad request. Then additionally it would be great, it the response of the HTTP 400 is not empty but instead get a JSON that looks like this:

  "errors": [{
    "code": "view-not-found",
    "message: "View not found for Entity"


Hi Mario,

Since the release 6.5 the BAD REQUEST answer is returned with the error message “View not found”.