REST API service configuration


I am using the REST API V2 to login and get a list of entities as documented. However for services, I need to create an XML file as I have done here:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<services xmlns="">
    <service name="slm_FixtureService">
        <method name="getFixtures">

I then need to configure this file in the web.xml file:

   <!-- Application properties config files -->
            "file:${catalina.home}/conf/app/" = +rest.xml	

I have placed the rest.xml in several places but still not getting the expected results. When I call the service defined in rest.xml through the API, I get an error “Service method not found”.

Where should I place the rest.xml file and how can I resolve this error?


Please see the example of service invocation here:

This chapter explains where the files must be placed:

Before the execution with the REST API a service method invocation must be allowed in the configuration file. The sales-rest-services.xml file must be created in the main package of the web module (e.g. Then the file must be defined in the application properties file of the web module (

So instead of the web.xml file you must place the line = +rest.xml to the file.

You can read more about application properties here: