Rest api isue since 7.1.0

I have rest apis
Calls to those apis was working but since I migrated to platform 7.1.0, the api rest doesn’t work in production.
it works in local but not in production
différences are production is on https and use Nginx in front of tomcat
exemple :
return a simple OK
in production
return nothing
Nothing in the log helps me to find out the issue
Can you help me ? or it’s possible to downgrade the platform version to 7.0.10,
my rest-dispatcher-spring.xml

<beans xmlns=""
<!-- Define a base package for your controllers-->

<context:component-scan base-package=""/>
<security:http pattern="/rest/api/**"
    <!-- Specify one or more protected URL patterns-->
    <intercept-url pattern="/rest/api/**" access="isAuthenticated()"/>
    <anonymous enabled="true"/>
    <csrf disabled="true"/>
    <cors configuration-source-ref="cuba_RestCorsSource"/>
    <custom-filter ref="resourceFilter" before="PRE_AUTH_FILTER"/>
    <custom-filter ref="cuba_AnonymousAuthenticationFilter" after="PRE_AUTH_FILTER"/>

As far as I know, since 7.1 REST API is separated from the platform code and you have to add the corresponding add-on.

See REST-API documentation: CUBA REST API


  • If you are using Studio 11+, open the CUBA > Marketplace main menu item, then find and install the REST API add-on.
  • Otherwise, see Using Public Add-ons documentation for how to install the add-on using its coordinates in the repository. The coordinates can be copied from the add-on page at Marketplace.

The add on was already there in my project and it’s working in local.
The problem is the production
event this url
http://localhost:8088/rest/v2/services is working in local
but return nothing in production

Solved in fact the com.haulmont.addon.restapi was missing in the production web.xml