Responsive FieldGroup

FieldGroup is a very useful container in RAD but it has very limited options to be responsive. Is there any possibility we can make it responsive, something like this!addon/responsive-layout

somebody has a sample cuba that include this responsive addon ?


I have used this way in one of the UI.

  1. add the dependency in web module (go to project propertise >> advanced)

  2. call the following procedure at init:

     private void setResponsiveLayout(){

    ResponsiveLayout responsiveLayout = new ResponsiveLayout();
    ResponsiveRow row = responsiveLayout.addRow();

    com.vaadin.ui.Component vaadinImpl1 = fieldGroup1.unwrapComposition(com.vaadin.ui.Component.class);
    com.vaadin.ui.Component vaadinImpl2 = fieldGroup2.unwrapComposition(com.vaadin.ui.Component.class);
    com.vaadin.ui.Component vaadinImpl3 = fieldGroup4.unwrapComposition(com.vaadin.ui.Component.class);


    Layout layout = targetBox.unwrap(Layout.class);

I don’t think FieldGroup is responsive yet! but you may use CssLayout and use more than one field Group when your screen contains a lot of components.

what is targetBox ? missing something, I receive a compiler error.