Responsive design

Can anyone please explain how a responsive design can be done in CUBA? e.g. CSS layout in Vaadin?

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CUBA is really for enterprise-grade applications. With that said, you can always customize the CSS layout. The CSS files are located in modules\web\themes folder.
If you want to use AngularJS or something like that, I would suggest that you create your application in CUBA and then create a portal. then you can use the REST API.

We have not supported CssLayout from Vaadin yet. But you can use it since CUBA components can be placed inside Vaadin containers. Take a look at

Also you can develop responsive web applications using portal module with classic Spring MVC or with Angular JS and REST-API.

Any update on this? In Vaadin I’ve set the application to be responsive by something like the following in the main UI class:


How do I do this in cuba platform?


you can check out CssLayout and the Dashboard demo which uses CssLayout. It was introduced in the 6.2 release.