RESP API returns no fields of the entity

I’m new of the CUBA platform and pretty impressed of its capabilitis.
I’m trying out REST API functions and there is a behavior I cannot explain. After following the guide here I have a couple of entities, a service bean and a view.
If I call the rest end point like this:


I just get

        "_entityName": "wecommuteserver_Team",
        "_instanceName": "ch.supsi.dacd.wecommuteserver.entity.Team-4d69a85c-9c02-5a6c-05c3-51b77b29f71f [detached]",
        "id": "4d69a85c-9c02-5a6c-05c3-51b77b29f71f"
        "_entityName": "wecommuteserver_Team",
        "_instanceName": "ch.supsi.dacd.wecommuteserver.entity.Team-55cc594f-bd93-e059-2ac4-3025664178fa [detached]",
        "id": "55cc594f-bd93-e059-2ac4-3025664178fa"
        "_entityName": "wecommuteserver_Team",
        "_instanceName": "ch.supsi.dacd.wecommuteserver.entity.Team-efff6e15-a881-be0e-2cff-e858d3498c9e [detached]",
        "id": "efff6e15-a881-be0e-2cff-e858d3498c9e"

while I expected to receive other fields as specified in the view:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
<views xmlns="">
    <view class="ch.supsi.dacd.wecommuteserver.entity.Team" name="team-rest-view" extends="_local">
        <property name="name"></property>
        <property name="members" view="_minimal">
            <property name="emailAddress"></property>

I’m sure I’m missing something somewhere but even after days of search I cannot find out what it is.
Can somebody help me?
Thanks a lot.

This is a popular confusion.
You assigned entity READ permission for the Team, but forgot to assign Entity attribute permissions for this entity. Take a look at the “Attributes” tab of the Role Editor (or specify @EntityAttributeAccess for design-time role).

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Thank you! That worked flawlessly.