Required Field Problems


I have created a screen with 2 fieldGroups and some other input boxes outside of the field groups (all connected to the same datasource) and all the data creates/displays/updates correctly. I have also set a number of fields to ‘required’, however when the system is running it only checks the required fields in the 1st fieldgroup and ignores all the other required fields outside of this.

All the required fields are displayed with a red border so it appears the settings are correct, it just doesn’t check them at point of entity save.

Any thoughts would be appreciated as I am pretty stumped.



Unfortunately, we cannot reproduce the problem. Could you please provide more information about your problem? Which version of the platform do you use? We will be able to help you if you send us a small sample project along with reproduction scenario that demonstrates the issue.

Hi Natalia

Thank you for your response.

The platform used is platform-6.9.5.

I’ve reproduced the same problem on a completely fresh project. The steps are as follows:

  • Create a new entity with 10 fields
  • Create an entity combined screen
  • Remove say 5 fields from the automatically built fieldgroup1
  • create a new (additional) fieldgroup2 and put 4 of the entity fields (manually connecting datasource) removed from fieldgroup1 in
  • add a new textbox (outside of both fieldgroups) and manually set the datasource and property to the remaining unused field.
  • define 2 fields in fieldgroup1 as required.
  • define 2 fields in feildgroup2 as required
  • define textbox (outside of fieldgroups) as required
  • Now run project.
  • it will only check required fields in fieldgroup1.

Hope this makes sense.

Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately, an entity combined screen does not support this functionality yet.
You can override the whole save() method from the class, or you can create your own screen based on this class functionality.

Thank you for reporting the problem. We have created an issue.

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Hi Natalia

Thanks for the update.


For anyone with the same problem. The following code in the controller resolves the issue as the validateAll() will check the validation of all fields on the screen:

public void save() {

        if (validateAll())