Require user to have filter on Data Grid Filter UI Component

There are certain grids that we would like users to be required to provide a filter to, whether it’s custom or from the filter dropdown it doesn’t matter. The data has row level security and is almost useless to the user without any sort of filter and bogs down the system if they don’t provide a filter. Is there an easy way to force the user to provide some sort of filter?


Will the manualApplyRequired attribute of the filter component work for you? If the parameter is set to “true” then data won’t be loaded until the filter is applied.

I’ve already looked into that and that is an option we may be using as well. Our problem is that we want our users to always use filters because of our complex row-level security is a lot harder on the system if no filter is selected. We have users that will clear the default filter and search with no filter even though this would be far less valuable than running an actual filter. I want to prevent them from doing this.

Unfortunately, no solution comes into my mind. I’ve created an issue about having a way to get filter parameter values.

Maybe, if your filters use a very limited set of parameters you should create you own filter panels in browse screes instead of generic filter component. In this case you’ll have full control on what users enter in filter parameters.