Repository values


We have a lot of repository values. Like in Customer entity there is a Type attribute. This is in a many to one relation to the Type entity because our users need to be able to create, edit or delete Type values.
So we created the Active, Inactive and Passive values to be available by default. But our application is available on more languages and we need these repositories to be available on more languages. So Users could be able to add the new values on English, German and on other languages which selectable in our application.
I need this because if a User use our application in German, then only german repositories should appear when user wants to select a type.

So is there any basic solution in Cuba? Any easy way for it?

I think if Cuba do not know it by default, I should create new attributes in type as languages. And then when user wants to select type in Customer, then I should create a query based on language, to show the right values.

Thank you,