Reports Addon: JasperReports - Is there a bug?

If you try and add an extra datasource, the report just prints multiple pages. (see attached pdf) jrxml-example.pdf (19.4 KB)

I discovered this as I am trying to add a chart in my personal app. It prints the report fine, but then adds numerous blank copies of the report as pages (the size of the chart dataset) afterward.


To show an example, I just tried adding extra datasources to the sample-library example app

Have attached templateBook availability in (25.5 KB)

Hello @daryn,

The multi-page problem arises because the report contains several data bands (Data, newBand3, newBand4), and the template knows only one.

You need to create a band for each report element.

I created an example with two bands.

Example for sample-library-cuba7: Book availability in (22.8 КБ)


Ok Nikita,

Thank you for the clarification. :slight_smile:

I will have another try

I’m having this problem when I add a chart.
Tables work fine
Tables remove pages of repeating values when their data set is set to the expresion:
$P{REPORTING}.dataset(“bandNameFromYargWeb”). seems like the binding removes the records.
I cannot have 2 tables share the same dataSet expression because the previous table has removed the records.
One dataset per table. That is FINE.

But id expect the same behavior from CHARTS.
I set up my chart and I’m seeing pages and pages of blank data.

Please help me identify my problem.