ReportGuiManager jar location

I print the same report from different screens using the ReportGuiManager.printReport method. Rather than have a method on each screen that queries for the appropriate report and then prints it, I’m trying to offload it to a separate CompanyUtility class with a static method printer() so I can just call that method from the different screens and the CompanyUtility class would print the invoice. I initially tried to accomplish this by creating a new class in the global package from Eclipse. But when I go to compile the project, the package com.haulmont.reports.gui is not being found by my CompanyUtility class. I’ve tried adding the ‘reports-gui-6.9.3.jar’ file but that didn’t work. So I then figured I could try it as a middleware service but that package still refuses to be found by my project.

What am I missing here? Is it the wrong version of the reports-gui.jar?

The ReportGuiManager class is located in the gui module of the reporting add-on. So you can use it from the gui or web modules of your project.

Here on the diagram you can see the dependencies between modules: a module on top can use all modules behind it, but not vice versa.

That is perfect. I wasn’t aware of the direction in which the different modules can be used. Thank you.