Report XLSX - An error occurred while loading template


I’m trying to build my first XLSX report and going step by step. I’ve designed (partially) a template in xl file (attached) and created a report with a few fields to see if i’m going into the right direction.

BTW: is there any way to export a complete report structure for e.g post it there in the forum ? In the meantime I will use screenshots.

Here is the report structure



Header is containing the query upon an order, and for now I just mapped LOGO & DOC_ID bands, which retrieve data from the header parent band.


When running the report I get An error occurred while loading template [template_commande_cpx.xlsx]. Template name [template_commande_cpx.xlsx] Report name [Commande] null


With a little bit of debugging, it seems that there is a NPE while parsing the document.

I’m not sure what could be the problem(s):

  • using excel 2016 ?
  • not yet having mapped all bands to all regions in XL file ?
  • having regions of several cells height ?
  • having succession of horizontal regions that are not aligned ?

Any help appreciated. Especially if someone has already made an invoice/order document using CUBA reports, and caring to share a sample of his/her template.

template_commande_cpx.xlsx (105.6 KB)


There is a couple of buttons: “export” and “import” on the report browse screen. “Export” packs the whole report to ZIP so it could be imported on another system.

Regarding the NPE error.
The reason for it is the link to cells in another file in the document named regions. I have removed it and the template is parsed without any problems.