Report Structure for printing multiple PurchaseOrder and PurchaseOrder Items

I tried to create a form where multiple selected Purchase Orders with line items can be printed out together.
The Report Bands are:



poline got dataset from JPQL:
select as no, pl.quantity as quantity, 
pl.price as price,pl.remark1 as remark1, 
pl.remark2 as remark2,
pl.deliveryDate as deliveryDate, as plid,
i.itemNo as itemNo, i.itemNameA as itemNameA, 
i.itemUnit as itemUnit
from erp$PurchaseOrderLine pl, erp$Item i
where = ${}
and =

I am able to display the line items if only the first Purchase Order is selected. If I select other ones or multiple ones. The line items doesn’t appear. It seems like I am not able to iterate through the entities in the poheader.
How should I iterate through the poheader (Purchase Order) so that poline (Purchase Order Line Items) can match the header?

PO-Multipage-template-v2-20160920.docx (15.5K)




Hi Jeremy,
Please, send us a small sample project along with reproduction scenario that demonstrates the issue.

I’m having a similar requirement, how did you make it happen?