Report in Word, not respect Format


We have been edited Report Generated By, report Wizard with (format), colours, etc…
and not working the labels can you see the attached document ?
It’s restriction on Report Generator, that not Support these type of fields?

Or it’s a Bug ?

Or, exists other method to make similar report?

Contrato Basico.pdf (253.0K)

Template for report -Report for entity -Contratos–.docx (33.8K)

Hi, Ivan!
The deformation happens when the document is converted to the pdf. The default pdf converter has a limited functionality.
So if you want to achieve the best result do not convert the document to the pdf (use docx output format).
If you need a pdf report then it is better to perform a conversion with the OpenOffice (or LibreOffice). You will have to set reporting.openoffice.docx.useOfficeForPdfConversion=true and reporting.openoffice.path application properties. See and for details.

Hi Max, but OpenOffice maybe installed on Server or on Client Side?

I’ve tested to export to DOCX, works fine.

OpenOffice must be installed on server side.