[Report] Copy band to right


I have PDF report and I want to copy information in table to right instead downwards. I’ve tried to change the band orientation to Vertical, but information is still copied downwards.

Could you please let me know is it possible and provide an example project?

Thank you in advance for your help.


If you need a table, maybe the crosstab orientation will meet your requirements?

Hi Olga,

Thank you for your answer, unfortunately I can’t see the Corsstab orientation as an option. I have only two available which are Horizontal and Vertical.

Crosstab orientation is available since the 6.9 version of the platform. If the update to 6.9 is not possible for you, you can combine vertical and horizontal bands to imitate the cross-tab orientation. Please find the examples of this approach in the sample-report-generation app (reports [XLSX] Single customer orders and [XLSX] Cross-tab report on sales).

Hi Olga,

Do you have any sample project using Crosstab band orientation.


You can add the Reporting add-on to the sample-sales application and import this report:
orders.zip (10.1 KB)

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