Removing 'in interval' from filter component


I need to remove the ‘in interval’ option from the filter component but am really struggling to override the relevant classes/functions to remove as I can’t get my new classes to fire as default:

I think I’ve identified the OpManagerImpl class as the place where it adds the relevant Enum Op entities based on the data class of the filter property.

I’ve followed the instructions to extend the business logic (Extending Business Logic - CUBA Platform. Developer’s Manual) and created the following which overrides the ‘availableOps’ function and removes the Op ‘in interval’ enum.:

and added to the spring.xml:

I’ve attached an example project with the above classes and spring.xml changes. Please can you help me to understand why the ExtOpManagerImp class is not firing and overriding the OpManagerImpl class that it extends which the behaviour described under the business logic instructions. (414.3 KB)

Thanks in advance.


Try to move ExtOpManagerImp bean to the web module and register it in web-spring.xml.

That’s solved it. Thank you. :+1: