Removing field from View automatically

When a field of an Entity is removed, can we have the field removed from respective view?

15:28:25.290 ERROR c.h.c.c.s.AbstractWebAppContextLoader   - Error initializing application View erp$VatGroupAccount/vatGroupAccount-view definition error: property taxProfile doesn't exist
	at com.haulmont.cuba.core.sys.AbstractViewRepository.loadView( ~[cuba-global-7.0.10.jar:7.0.10]
	at com.haulmont.cuba.core.sys.AbstractViewRepository.deployView( ~[cuba-global-7.0.10.jar:7.0.10]
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Hello @mortozakhan

It’s a good idea, thank you.

I’ve created feature request in our YouTrack.



Actually Studio does remove the attribute from views and screens, etc.
From the entity designer: Click on “remove” button and select ‘Search for usages’ checkbox in the dialog. Then OK.
From the source code editor: Go to the attribute and press Alt + Del. Safe Delete dialog appears. Select checkboxes and click OK

Thanks, @tsarev.

@gaslov Thanks but that’s completely a manual process like there are some cars still running in manual gear whereas most others are having automatic transmission and nowadays cars are driven by AI… Therefore, better having the automatic transmission at least!

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Sorry, I didn’t get your point.
What step do you consider as “completely manual process”?
Just click the “Remove” button and confirm the dialog. Seems to be quite easy and straightforward.

Just think about my example of cars suspension again, compare., should be crystal clear!