Removing Entity prefix for the label

Recent versions are putting Entity name as prefix to before the Field name as label in the generated screen. Design-time display shows on the field name as label which is correct though. it should be the similar at run-time.

Do we have any option we get the field name in the screen only?


Could you clarify what kind of entity prefixes are you talking about? It would be great if you attach a screen shot with highlighted labels.


It seems something is wrong with Messages Localization in your project.

Could you share the contents of the file, which is located in the same package with the SalesOrder entity and the message pack of its screens?


for example if the entity name is Customer and field name is Address, City etc. UI generated by the studio becomes Customer.Address, Customer.Address etc. Screen print attached. Can this be optional instead while generating it.?



Here is the contents:

DeliveryOrderStatus.GOOD_ISSUED=Good issued
OpportunityDocumentType.SALES_QUOTE=Sales quote
DeliveryReturnOrder.customerInvoiceGoodsIssue = Customer Invoice Goods Issue
DeliveryReturnOrder.deliveryReturnOrderLine = Delivery Return Order Line
DeliveryReturnOrderLine.unitOfMeasure = Unit Of Measure
DeliveryReturnOrderLine.lineNumberSo = Line Number So
DeliveryReturnOrderLine.quantityUsed = Quantity Used
DeliveryReturnOrderLine.material = Material
DeliveryReturnOrderLine.quantity = Quantity
DeliveryReturnOrderLine.planShipDate = Plan Ship Date
DeliveryReturnOrderLine.shipMode = Ship Mode
DeliveryReturnOrderLine = Delivery Return Order Line
DeliveryReturnOrderLine.deliveryReturnOrder = Delivery Return Order
SalesOrderRmg.custLcNo = Cust Lc No
SalesOrderRmg.custLcLastShipDate = Cust Lc Last Ship Date
SalesOrderRmg.custLcExpiryDate = Cust Lc Expiry Date
SalesOrderRmg.custLcDate = Cust Lc Date
SalesOrderRmg = Sales Order Rmg
SalesOrderRmg.season = Season
SalesOrderRmg.custBankReference = Cust Bank Reference
SalesOrderRmg.factoryMain = Factory Main
SalesOrderRmg.salesContract = Sales Contract
SalesOrderRmg.seasonYear = Season Year
SalesContract.contractNo = Contract No
SalesContract.contractStartDate = Contract Start Date
SalesContract.customer = Customer
SalesContract.docNumber = Doc Number = Name
SalesContract.contractDate = Contract Date
SalesContract.contractExpiryDate = Contract Expiry Date
SalesContract = Sales Contract
SalesContract.salesContractLine = Sales Contract Line
SalesContractLine = Sales Contract Line
SalesContractLine.salesContract = Sales Contract
DeliveryOrderLine.deliveryOrder = Delivery Order = Company
DeliveryOrder.currency = Currency
DeliveryOrder.deliveryOrderStatus = Delivery Order Status
DeliveryOrder.shipMode = Ship Mode
DeliveryOrder.freightAmount = Freight Amount
DeliveryOrder.salesOrder = Sales Order
DeliveryOrder.salesperson = Salesperson
DeliveryOrder.customer = Customer
DeliveryOrder.docDate = Doc Date
DeliveryOrder.warehouse = Warehouse
DeliveryOrder.docNumber = Doc Number
DeliveryOrder.deliveryOrderLine = Delivery Order Line
DeliveryOrder = Delivery Order
SalesOrder.distributionCentre = Distribution Centre
SalesOrder.customer = Customer
Salesperson.lastName = Last Name
Salesperson.firstName = First Name
Salesperson.employee = Employee


menu-config.about = About
menu-config.erp$BankTran.browse = Bank Trans
menu-config.accounts = Accounts
menu-config.erp$Journal.browse = Journals
menu-config.erp$IcProdBalWh.browse = Ic Prod Bal Whs
menu-config.erp$IcProduct.browse = Ic Products
menu-config.erp$Message.browse = Messages
menu-config.erp$MessageBoard.browse = Message Boards
menu-config.Inventory = Inventory
menu-config.erp$WriteOff.browse = Write Offs
menu-config.icMasterData = Master Data
menu-config.erp$Warehouse.browse = Warehouses
menu-config.erp$MaterialSizeProfile.browse = Material Size Profiles
menu-config.erp$MaterialSize.browse = Material Sizes
menu-config.erp$AccountsOption.browse = Accounts Options
menu-config.erp$BudgetFinancial.browse = Budget Financials
menu-config.erp$CostAllocationRule.browse = Cost Allocation Rules
menu-config.erp$LetterOfCredit.browse = Letter Of Credits
menu-config.erp$PaymentTerm.browse = Payment Terms
menu-config.sales = Sales
menu-config.erp$ShipMode.browse = Ship Modes
menu-config.opetarions$ShippingPoint.browse = Shipping Points
menu-config.erp$DistributionCentre.browse = Distribution Centres
menu-config.erp$SalesOrder.browse = Sales Orders
menu-config.mnuAR = Accounts Receivable
menu-config.erp$Customer.browse = Customers
menu-config.erp$SalesPrice.browse = Sales Prices
menu-config.erp$SalespersonGroup.browse = Salesperson Groups
menu-config.erp$SalespersonCategory.browse = Salesperson Categories
menu-config.erp$Salesperson.browse = Salespersons

Hi Rostislav
Please do not hesitate to ask me if you need more clarifications. Would appreciate your help.

Noticed that the file is not populated with all the attributes. When I have updated the missing lables manually, it is showing clean. There should have bug somewhere.

HI Mortoza,

On your screens, I see several captions which have no localization in the message packs. In that case, keys are displayed.

Also, it is necessary to have in the same package with the entity or screen. If the class is moved to another package (using IDE), the corresponding should be created and required fields should be localized there (may be done using Studio).