removing all entries from a table

Hello, I have created an Entity called “Portfolio”. I’d like to populate the table with a bunch of portfolios. For example, when a user clicks a button, my code will persist PortA and PortB.
Could you share some code to remove all entries? Ideally, I would like:

  • a method to delete all records in the Portfolio table
  • a method to upsert records in the Portfolio table (i.e. if the record doesn’t exist, insert it).

Do you want to manipulate with entities right in the screen controller, or in a middleware service?
Both options are possible:

The Data Manipulation sample is updated.

  • Working with EntityManager and DataManager on the middle tier: see createOrUpdateCustomer(), deleteAll() methods of the CustomerServiceBean class
  • Working with DataManager on the client tier: see onCreateInController() method of the CustomerBrowse class.