Remove unnecessary field/properties from filter

Hi All,

Is that possible to remove field/properties , so only certain field that show up ?
In my cases I only need filtering field “country name” from associated entities , not all of the field can be used to filter datasource

ThanksScreenshot 2018-02-15_21-40-37

Hi, @arifian.prahata

It can be managed with default exclude properties feature: docs.


Actually I’ve been try exclude properties but the result is not what I’m expected.

So if I need to remove field country_code in icountry entity ,I only need put icountry.country_code in exclude properties , does it ?

I’ve prepared small example for you: in this example you can find two entities: Employee and Department.

In this example I’ve set department.head value to the exclude properties to exclude a head of department from filter conditions (you can set it in CUBA Studio).

Notice, that you should use full property path. In other words, to exclude, for example, createTs property you should use the following value of the exclude properties field: createTs, department.createDs, otherLink.createTs, ....

There are default screens for these entities and in the Employee browser the head property of the Department entity is excluded from the filter conditions.

image (80.4 KB)


Thanks, a lot for your help :relaxed: