Remove a browse screen and substitute it with another

Hello. I was working on my project, and came to a point where i have created a whole new browse screen for an entity, let’s call it entity.beta-browse, and now i want to replace my standard entity.browse screen with this new.
How do i achieve this? Replace all picker lookups with custom which call new window looks silly, so i guess there’s a proper way…

Hi Ivan,

You are right, there are at least two more ways:

  1. To completely replace the browse screen, set the new template for the standard netity’s browser id, for example:
<screen id="sample$MyEntity.browse"
  1. To use the new screen only when needed, set the new window id for the action that opens this screen, for example:

We have a sample application from CUBA Cookbook where you can find these approaches in action.

using a template is a good way, but what if i want to leave old creepy screen and use it in some cases? rename it and use as old-creepy-browse

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