Remote JMX Access

I am attempting to setup an environment with a single client and single middle ware server and am struggling to get the remote JMX Connection working.

I have followed the setup found here:

I am getting an error “Unable to connect to specified JMX interface” when adding a new JMX Connection in the front end of my application.

I have confirmed that my firewall is allowing traffic through port 7777. One thing I have noticed is that if I try to connect to another port I get the above error straight away but when using 7777 it takes almost a full minute to come back with an error, almost as if a timeout was occurring.

Are these connection attempts being logged anywhere so that I may better understand where the issue is coming from (either client or server)?

As always any help is greatly appreciated,
Corey Amoruso

I was able to solve my issue by using the JMX Remote Lifecycle Listener provided by Apache. Apparently JMX uses two ports, one of which is picked at random making it difficult to route the service through a firewall. The Lifecycle Listener allows you to specify both ports which are used making it possible to configure your firewall.

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