Remember me not working after upgrade

I have upgraded my project from 7.0.10 to latest and now remember me checkbox is not working. Even after checking it and login, next time for login it require admin/admin only.

Please guide to solve this.


Remember me functioning has changed?

Earlier if you login with “remember me” check and logout. Next time when you log in it will log after clicking the login button. But now if user logout, he has to input login details again.

How can I shift to earlier policy?


Generally when you upgrade your application to a next major version of the platform (7.0 → 7.2) , it is a good idea to read Release Notes for new version, so you don’t have bad surprises. Such version upgrade can bring change of the built-in platform behavior, or even some incompatibilities.

Links are available on this page:

So you may be interested in these links:

See what’s written there about Remember Me function:

The “remember me” login mechanism has been completely reworked:

  • The new application property cuba.rememberMeExpirationTimeoutSec defines expiration timeout for “remember me” cookies and RememberMeToken entity instances. It is set to 30 days by default.
  • If the user selects the Remember Me checkbox in the login screen, next time they log in automatically without showing the login screen.
  • If the user logs out explicitly, or the cookie is expired, next time the login screen is shown again.

Yep, agreed, somehow missed release notes. My issue is -

If user logout explicitly, next time he has to again login with credential. Thats ok.

But when user goes to login in screen again, the login screen shows default admin/admin credential and not his last login credential. (as per documentation, I can have default password to help during development)

I want to show user his last credential or both username/password should be blank (not admin/admin). Is it possible?




Sure, you can (and I would say, everyone should do it for production environment) set default username/password to be blank by changing the following configuration properties:
and nearby cuba.web.loginDialogDefaultPassword

They can be set in the file of the web module.