Remember Form Data / User Select Values

There are a few areas of the application that we would like to remember what the user entered into a view so that next time they open the same view they are presented with the same values that they have entered previously. For example, we have a small dialog with about seven values that we ask the user which will then be used to generate the correct entity / category / etc for the user and direct them to the correct edit screen. It would be great to remember the values the user entered into this dialog or else it may become cumbersome for the user.

Doing some research and we found java.util.prefs.Preferences but this appears to only be useful for desktop apps as it create registry entries for every value that we enter (per user) which would end up being a huge number. Is there another alternative out there? Do I need to roll my own? This sounds like a possible idea for a marketplace item.

Yes you should roll your own storage for user settings.
There is a simple implementation of such storage in the sample-akkount project, it is used for remembering last used account. See the following source files: