Reload browse screen DataLoader delegate after committing

Hello team,

I’ve got a DataLoader delegate on a browse screen which filters records to only show those created by other users sent to the current user. So in short, any record created by the current user shouldn’t show in the browse screen. However, after committing a new record, it automatically shows in the browse screen. Hitting the “Refresh” button gets rid of it, but I need to get this to work automatically.

I tried creating an onBeforeShow() handler to call myEntityDl.load(), but this doesn’t do the job.

I also tried creating a listener for after commit changes to the entity, but couldn’t find a way to reference the DataLoader delegate.

Is there a way to do this?

Thanks in advance,


You don’t need to reference the delegate, just inject the data loader and invoke its load() method.

As for the filtering you’ve implemented: you can achieve the same behaviour by using Access Groups