Relationship between Gradle plugin version, BOM version, and Studio version

Can anybody clarify what is the relationship between those 3 versions? Which ones should be ≥ or ≤ which others? Is it too early in Jmix’s development process to say?

For instance, I just downgraded the Studio plugin from 0.3.1 to 0.3.0, because the former was not working properly (it kept crashing with “Unable to determine jmix version” exceptions, which I submitted using the crash reporting tool. By the way, same exceptions with the 2021-03-06 nightly.)

In order to be on the safe side, I also downgraded the BOM of my development project to the same version 0.3.0, but I’m wondering if it was needed.

I’ve created the ticket, thanks for raising our attention on this bug.

Regarding versions:
Major + minor version of the Jmix Studio should be greater than or equal than major + minor version of Jmix BOM (0.3 >= 0.3).

Studio won’t allow you to create Jmix project of newer version than Studio knows about.
If you try to open project with higher Jmix version, Studio will warn you about that.

The last number in the version is the bugfix version and those may be different among the framework , addons and tools.

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