Regarding CUBA RAD license

We have been using academic license to create vanilla base application and since that license is expired and also we have passed out, therefore we have decided to buy RAD license in order to use screen designer functionality. We are doing internship in a company where we are enhancing this vanilla base application so after importing the vanilla base do we have to regenerate the entire code using RAD license?
If we do not regenerate code and import the same code as is will it cause us any issue if audit takes place.
Also let us know if the auto generated code by CUBA can be regenerated using the latest license key?


RAD license provides access only to development tools such as visual screen and data model designers. It doesn’t have any impact on the source code of the application you develop. You can learn more about plans on the pricing page.

There is a thing to note for applications based on CUBA Platform 6.10 or older. Add-ons Maps, Charts, Reports, BPM for CUBA Platform 6.10 or older were distributed under the commercial license. In case your application is based on that version of CUBA Platform and contains any of the above add-ons, you should replace credentials to commercial repository with a new license key.

Ok Thanks a lot for your help