Regarding cloud deployment of cuba bpm application

Yesterday i met your people in GIDS,its pleasure to know about to CUBA i have one doubt how to to host cuba bpm application in Microsoft Azure.Please provide document if you have any.
Thanks in advance


Recently, IanE shared detailed instruction: Also, we are planning to provide detailed guide in the platform manual in the near future.

Thanks Yuriy for your quick reply…its better if you share any notes regarding BPM application activities are created and events will trigger .

There are no specifics in our BPM implementation related to Microsoft Azure. All implementation details of BPM module are available in the manual here:

If you have concrete questions or requirements please share them and we will try to guide you how to use our BPM module to achieve your goals.

Thanks i will go through the manual and i will try to implement one sample workflow so that i can propose to my management about cuba.
as of now i can say i have requirement like order management and document management .