Refresh Table row with new content

I think the question is not new, but I tried to find a solution within the documentation and the forum. Unfortunately I found no solution. So here is my question:

I have an table with entities. I open the editor screen by a method within the controller. If the editor screen is closed the table row with the edited entity is not updated with the new values. So I try to find the best solution to update the row in the table with the new entity values.

Here is the code that is used to open the edit screen:

if(bookingsTable.getSelected().size() == 1 )
        Screen screen = screenBuilders.editor( Booking.class, this )
                .editEntity(bookingsTable.getSingleSelected() )


As documentation says:

Often you need to edit an entity displayed by some Table or DataGrid component. Then you should use the following form of invocation, which is more concise and automatically updates the table:

private GroupTable<Customer> customersTable;
private ScreenBuilders screenBuilders;

private void editSelectedEntity() {


Thx for the fast reply. Works fine.