Refresh Table doesn't work

Hi Konstantin
As discussed in Gitter chat, please find attached teh demo app with this issue.
First add few records in Accounts. Then select a record on your left side table where you will see those Accounts that you have created. Click on Copy button, the selected record will be copied into the table at your left. I am expecting the first table will be refreshed and the account copied will be removed from that table after refresh() call but not happening so. (133.3K)

  • Change accounts query to the following

select e from demorefreshtable$Account e where not in :custom$addedIds
  • Add the following method to your controller:

    private void refreshAccounts() {
        List<UUID> list = chartOfAccountLineDs.getItems().stream()
                .map(coa -> coa.getAccount().getId())
        accountsDs.refresh(ParamsMap.of("addedIds", list));
  • Invoke this method from postInit() and from copySelectedAccounts()

See the project attached. (36.7K)

Thank you so much for your help.