Refresh or initialize data display from more than one Entities

I have following entities:
1-2 > PurchaseOrder and PurchaseOrderLines
3-4 >PurchaseOrderQualityMgtTracking and PurchaseOrderQualityMgtTrackingLine
5 > PurchaseOrderQualityMgtTrackingSteps

The entity # 5 contains different steps of tracking the purchase order.
The Entity # 3-4 are used to maintain the status of different tracking points defined by the user based in Entity # 5 on the material in the PurchaseOrderLines entity.

What I need is to display all PurchaseOrders for the selected Vendor with respective steps populated in the browser. Then will edit the status of each step.

You can display several entities on one screen by creating several datasources and linking visual components (e.g. Tables) to them. The datasources can be interconnected (see
Can you provide a sketch of the required screen?