Refresh opened browser screen from another screen's browser button action


Sorry for my silly questions.
I have a Customer and an Order browser screen, and sometimes both are opened. When I click a button on Customer’s screen, its update or insert new row into Order table, and I want this button to refresh Order’s browser screen, because if Order’s browser screen is opened, then I have to close it and reopen to see the changes or the new row.
I thought that I should put on Order browser screen a refresh button, but only if necessary, if no way to refresh it from another screen.
How to do it? I tried to Inject ordersDs and in button’s function call the ordersDs.refresh(), but it doesn’t work.

Ps. sorry for my bad english


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Hi Carol,

This is an interesting question, but the platform doesn’t provide any means for communication between independently opened screens. It certainly can be done, maybe someone from the community offers you a ready solution. If not, we’ll try to design something.

In the meantime, you could try to make your Refresh button work. I don’t understand why ordersDs.refresh() doesn’t work for you, but there is also the standard RefreshAction mentioned here. You can use it just by specifying refresh as ID of a table action, e.g.:

<table id="aTable" width="100%">
      <!-- ... -->
      <action id="refresh"/>
      <!-- ... -->
      <button action="aTable.refresh"/>
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