Refresh edit screen of one entity with the value change of another entity

How to refresh an edit page of 1 entity when a value is changed in another entity…??
For example, I have an order entity, when a customer orders a product its available stock should be decreased from the inventory table. The value is getting decreased from the inventory table but it is reflected in a currently opened inventory edit screen only if we close the inventory table and open it again… I tried to refresh the datasource but it is not working…

Thanks and regards…!!

Hello @aiswarya

Could you clarify what problem you faced with? You cannot trigger editor refresh or refreshing doesn’t lead to any updates in UI?


I reduces the available stock of a product from the inventory table when a product is ordered. This code is written in order listener.The inventory and order are 2 different tables. The value of inventory table is not refreshed automatically. I need to close and open the inventory browse inorder to the view the updated value of availablestock.

Have you tried to use our Global Events addon? It seems that it’ll help you to solve the problem - just fire an event and refresh data when event received.

You can find a demo here: Global Events Add-on Demo.