Redirect from browse screen to login screen after click submit button

Hi Team ,

I’m just wondering , How to redirect from Screen XYZ to LoginScreen if the Login screen is custom screen and change the rul browse to login screen

And what if i want to redirect from browse screen to another browse sceen and change the url browse to the new screen


Hi @abd.ibrahim.allam,

I think it is strange to redirect to login screen… Well, if the user is authenticated, maybe you can force a logout, then the platform will automatically redirect to login page. If that is the case, take a look at AuthenticationServiceBean.logout().

To change the URL based on the screen, you first need to make sure you are using Routing API in your screens. Then you can programatically open a screen and cuba will update the URL based on routing configuration.

Hope it helps.


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That was Actually , If i have anonymous screen , then i want to redirect from it to the login screen

For that it worked for me thanks for your help

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