Readonly field in a fieldgroup

Some forms i do need to have readonly fields within editable fieldGroup. (“problem description” within a ticket management’s ticket)
I have tried various settings but none brought me to have only some being readonly.
So i have two questions:


Hello @IO_libre,

To solve your problem, you can set editable attribute for Field to false value in XML descriptor.

Usage example:

<fieldGroup id="fieldGroup" datasource="customerDs" editable="true">
    <column width="250px">
        <field property="name" editable="false"/>
        <field property="age"/>

Result - only the Name field is read-only, the Age field is editable:



Hi !

Thanks for the answer. I tried that but for some very weird reasons (that i did not understand) it did not work. Now that time passed, i do believe i might have to do a full project clean/build for it to succeed. Did not try at that time and it’s now too late.

I ended up setting entity field as readonly for the given role and everything was fine.

Have a great day !