React UI issue in Execution for rsgt-udd-front:buildFrontend

Hello everyone,

I’m tring to use React UI for PWA but actually I’m facing two issues after applying all steps in doc:

1- > react-scripts build --> I’m getting this error

Execution failed for task ':rsgt-udd-front:buildFrontend'.
  > Process 'command 'npm.cmd'' finished with non-zero exit value 1

2- Another issue that how can I apply role as in this post? please give me the exact steps.

Other concerns:
1- Is the React UI the easy way to add or activate PWA in my project?

2- Is it possible to add Frontend UI (React UI) for an old project in which I applied Generic UI with its entity? If yes, please let me know the steps

3- Do you have another Developer Manual or steps for PWA? That Cuba Developer Manual often gives us only basics and basics examples.

Many Thanks,

And I’m also getting an error when I run the below command:

gen-cuba-front react-typescript:entity-management --dest src/app/data --dirShift ../../

the body of error is:

? Please select CUBA project you want to use for generation data_ReactUI [C:/Users/bakr/IdeaProjects/data_ReactUI]
? Entity data_DataContianer
? CRUD component class
? List type table
? List component class
? List view _local
? Edit component class name
? Edit view dataContianer-view
Generating to C:\Users\bakr\Projects\data_ReactUI\src\app\datacontainer
throw er; // Unhandled ‘error’ event

Error: Could not generate class name from empty string
at Object.exports.elementNameToClass … to the end…


Could you please attach projectModel.json and specify what Entity you want to generate screen for?